Video: Watch GC Mah get bossed around at Naza Italia’s Ferrari workshop – AutoVlog

GC Mah has not been shy about his fanboyism towards Ferrari – you would’ve known about it if you’ve watched some of our videos in the past. Unfortunately for him (and us at the office), his dream Prancing Horse is, well, still in his dreams.

So when Naza Italia phoned us for an opportunity to work as a Ferrari Technician for a day, GC Mah immediately jumped into action – before he was told that it would be unpaid labour; the rest of us dismayingly agreed, only because we get to see our head honcho being bossed around by someone else.

GC’s first order of business was to inspect the car for any visual damages. Once completed and the customer signs off the work sheet, the actual maintenance service can begin, which always starts with a virtual work cart that is synchronised back to Ferrari’s base in Maranello, Italy – that way, the car’s service history can be traced at any authorised Ferrari workshops at any country.

Aside from a full traceable service record, bringing your car to an authorised Ferrari workshop also means that only genuine parts – shipped directly from Italy – will be used in your prized possessions. The Ferrari Technicians at Naza Italia have witnessed way too many horror stories of damaged cars from counterfeit parts, and will be glad to share it with you.

If you bought your Ferrari from a grey importer, don’t worry – Naza Italia will still accept you into the big Ferrari family. On the other hand, if you’re still looking for one (like GC Mah is), Naza Italia’s own collection of pre-owned Ferrari models have all been quality checked thoroughly, and they only sell cars that were previously sold by themselves.

We won’t bore you any further with all the nitty-gritty details, so if you’re interested in watching GC Mah get dirty (both figuratively and literally), watch on in the video above!


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