Malaysia’s first drive-in cinema is coming soon!

Although cinemas have been given the green light to reopen in our country, many people are still understandably hesitant to sit in an enclosed area for hours, despite the new standard operating procedures. For those who are worried – fret not, because we will soon be getting our very own drive-in cinema for the first time in Malaysia!

The drive-in cinema, called M Junction, is being organised by TwoSpicy Entertainment Live and MD Events Asia – the same people who brought several unique entertainment experiences such as Dinner In The Sky and Plane in the City over to Malaysia.

A drive-in cinema works exactly like how it sounds. Instead of rows of seats in an enclosed space, your seats will be the ones in your own car, parked in marked-out spaces in an open-air location. Instead of loudspeakers, audio will be piped into your car through a specific radio frequency.

In parts of the world with humid and warm weather, such as our northern neighbours that also recently had their first drive-in cinema experience, organisers even devised a central air-conditioning system with a network of PVC pipes so that the customers can keep cool with their car engines turned off.

[Image source: Facebook/The Luna Cinema]

Details on the M Junction drive-in cinema are scarce at the moment of writing, but a representative from TwoSpicy Entertainment told RojakDaily that they are currently looking at a launch date of 15 July, with the location being somewhere in the Kuala Lumpur city centre.

A mixture of upcoming and older movies, both international and Malaysian, will be played at the drive-in cinema. According to the same report, the representative also revealed that a second drive-in cinema is currently in the pipeline, but offered no other details.

Drive-in cinemas have recently seen a revival in popularity, especially in the western side of the world, as a result of new social distancing practices post the COVID-19 pandemic. Since March, many alternative forms of entertainment – such as drive-in parties – have emerged across the world so we can still have fun while staying safe.

[Header image source: Instagram/mjunction2020, Facebook/The Luna Cinema]


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