The upcoming Mercedes-Benz S-Class apparently has a very Tesla-esque interior

The updated Mercedes-Benz S-Class is slated to make its introduction later this year, but a couple of images of what appears to be a prototype vehicle have sneaked onto social media, giving us a good look at the forthcoming S-Class, almost completely undisguised.

The top-of-the-range luxury sedan seems to have borrowed quite a few elements from the recently-updated E-Class, although general dimensions and curvy shape seems to remain identical to the current car. Up front, the new S-Class seems to have adopted an enlarged grille, flanked by new slimmer headlights.

The new larger grille gets a new interpretation of the classic Mercedes-Benz grille design, featuring a more angular shape, and triple solid horizontal slats. Lower down, the large and aggressively-styled air inlets suggests that the sample shown in the images is most probably the AMG Line variant.

At the back, the new taillights are reminiscent of the ones on the latest CLS – a new design language that will most likely be adopted across the entire Mercedes-Benz line-up in the near future. The taillights are joined together by a chrome strip across the entire width of the car.

While the current S-Class‘s interior evokes a sense of class and elegance utilising lacquered wood and smooth lines, the designers seem to be aiming for a more minimalist approach with the interior of the forthcoming luxury sedan, using plain glossy black surfaces and straight lines – almost making the interior look a little sterile, and a little like a Tesla.

The stylish round air vents have been replaced by twin vertical vents on each end, along with four horizontal rectangles up top. Behind the new triple-twin-spoke steering wheel as introduced in the new E-Class is the now familiar digital instrument cluster, installed in a free-standing manner à la the A-Class.

The images also show a large gaping hole behind the instrument cluster display, presumably to be used for an advanced head-up display system, possibly utilising augmented-reality technology – something the German carmaker has been experimenting with in the MBUX system on the A-Class.

The images also suggest the adoption of a portrait-oriented infotainment display system, as opposed to landscape in all of its current models. According to the images, the touchscreen will also be taking over most physical controls, with only a single row of buttons, possibly capacitive, as shortcuts to the commonly-accessed controls such as volume, and emergency signal lights.

Being at the forefront of the Mercedes-Benz model line-up, the forthcoming S-Class will most likely feature the brand’s latest electrified powertrains, including mild-hybrid, plug-in hybrid, and possibly even a fully-electric option through the carmaker’s EQ sub-brand.

Autocar UK reports that the new S-Class powertrains will be built around the 3.0-litre and 2.9-litre inline-six petrol and diesel engines, along with the AMG-developed 4.0-litre V8, all of which will feature the Integrated Starter Generator (ISG) technology sandwiched between the engine and the automatic gearbox, as well as a lithium-ion battery housed in the boot floor.

Image Source: Ray Chen/Twitter


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