The Ferrari SF1000 will carry all the hopes of the tifosi for 2020

Ferrari took centre stage at a theatre known for its dramatic performances when launching its contender for the Formula 1 2020 season – the SF1000; christened as such in anticipation of the 1,000th race milestone which the Scuderia will achieve within this season.

The tifosi or fans of Ferrari will of course trade all the pomp and pageantry to return to winning ways when the F2007 powered Kimi Raikkonen to the his sole F1 crown and Ferrari’s last driver’s championship in 2007. It has been a long time coming.

Ferrari will be hoping that the extensive revisions to last year’s design will address all the shortcomings of 2019, particularly in the area of aerodynamic downforce. It’s not easy to tell the differences on the SF1000 visually as the regulations have remained largely unchanged in 2020. Formula 1 will undergo a revolution in 2021.

When Ferrari president John Elkann speaks, everyone pays attention.

Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto calls the SF1000 an ‘extreme’ design concept; it showcases tighter, slimmer bodywork especially at the rear quarter where the engine is located, lower weight (subject to regulations), a more durable suspension and also a reworked 1.6-litre V6 hybrid power unit able to meet a new technical regulation slashing oil consumption by 50%.

“Everything sits a lot tighter, so there’s a lot of work behind that, because it’s not so easy, so we’ve found some clever solutions to be able to achieve that. I can’t wait to drive it because obviously that’s more exciting than to look at it, so one more week to wait, but I think it’s fantastic. It’s also a little bit more red than last year, so I think it looks great.” said four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel.

Pre-season testing starts on 19th February at Barcelona, till then, the tifosi holds its collective breath.

Ferrari SF1000 gallery


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