AIA Family Drive offers discount to households with multiple cars

AIA General Berhad has just launched the Family Drive comprehensive car insurance, promising to provide all-round on-the-road protection, convenience, as well as savings for Malaysian drivers and their families. 

A first in the Malaysian car insurance market, Family Drive offers a 5% family discount if two or more cars in the family are insured under the same household. The family discounts are also perpetual, as long as you renew your coverage annually with AIA General. 

In order to take advantage of the discount, just provide the same address during the purchase, and the discount will automatically be applied. The discount can be enjoyed by up to four cars in one household. 

The Family Drive car insurance also includes Personal Accident Protection for all occupants in a vehicle – up to RM25,000 per person, with double indemnity on national public holidays. The Personal Accident Protection is capped at RM250,000 per policy. 

In the event of an accident which involves loss of use of your vehicle, policy holders of the new Family Drive will receive an Inconvenience Allowance of RM600 per accident in cash. 

What’s more, the Family Drive plan also includes Transportation Assistance in the form of e-hailing vouchers, in addition to the 24/7 roadside assistance in the event of an accident, to safely help customers and their family get home safely after the accident.

Other add-on benefits of the Family Drive insurance include the ability to insure to an agreed value – as opposed to market value, betterment cost waiver, as well as natural disaster coverage, which protects the cars against loss and damage caused by flood, storm, landslide and other acts of nature. 

AIA General Berhad, Chief Executive Officer, Eric Chang said at the launch of Family Drive today, “Our market research identified various customer concerns where we saw the growing trend of expanding families who were worried about their family’s safety and inconveniences caused by car accidents. With these insights, we developed Family Drive as a way to meet the protection needs of our customers on the road.”

“Family Drive is the first of many innovative insurance plans and policies that will be rolled out by AIA General Berhad,” added Eric Chang. 

The Family Drive car insurance can now be purchased through AIA General’s nationwide network of agents and branches, as well as through the AIA General website



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