Avis Budget Group, a leading global provider of mobility solutions, recently set out to examine how the mobility landscape is changing around the world, how it’s likely to look in the future and how people in different countries view these changes.

In the research conducted across 16 countries in Europe and Asia, including Malaysia, respondents revealed that over the next decade, consumers are likely to move to an access-driven and on-demand model as their favourite mode of transportation.

It was found that 97% of Malaysians think that owning a car is important and 67% still see the car as the ideal mode of transportation.

However, more than 51% said that they would consider giving up car ownership and rely on long-term car rental if it was more convenient for them.

The single biggest factor leading the transport revolution is technology, specifically 5G networks.

Once 5G is implemented in Malaysia, one of the first countries in Asia to do so, large amounts of data provided by 5G networks will enable mobility companies to collect and mine data for insight – to be used to improve travel experiences.

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So far, Avis’ research revealed that 73% of respondents feel comfortable having their data accessed and shared for the implementation of smart infrastructure and better travel experiences. More than 81% of respondents also expect driving to become easier in the coming years.

“Changing needs and the expansion of the sharing economy offer both challenges and opportunities for the mobility industry. Our research has shown that whilst consumers are expectant of connected, integrated and on-demand services, they still want convenience at a reasonable price,” said Avis Budget Group, President, Keith Rankin.

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