First introduced with the Nissan Leaf in July this year, the Nissan Subscription Programme was extended to the X-Trail Hybrid shortly after. However, Edaran Tan Chong Motor (ETCM), the sole distributor of Nissan cars in Malaysia, has just lowered the monthly subscription fee for the X-Trail Hybrid by RM700.

With the new price of RM1,800 per month on a three-year contract, the total amount paid over three years inclusive of road tax and insurance is now approximately RM75,252.

Compared to a regular hire-purchase for the same vehicle over a seven-year loan tenure with 10% down payment and a 2.80% interest rate, the resulting monthly loan repayment amount of RM2,093 means you’ll be paying out RM23,436 less over the first three years.

The difference is even more apparent with a five-year loan tenure, where due to higher monthly repayment, total ‘savings’ over the first three years add up to over RM47,000.

Customers of the Nissan Subscription Programme also do not have to worry about servicing their vehicles, as ETCM has included periodic maintenance into the subscription fee. 

Along with the new pricing, ETCM has also introduced a new two-year subscription plan which is customised specifically for expatriates. On the two-year plan, monthly subscription fee for the X-Trail Hybrid is at RM2,800. 

Of course, you have to keep in mind that subscribers will have to return their cars to ETCM after their contract ends, whereas hire-purchasers own the vehicles when they are done with repayments. 

Like other subscription plans, there is a 60,000 km mileage cap for the three-year contracts (40,000 km for two-year contracts). Any additional mileage beyond the cap will be charged at RM0.50 per km.

Subscription fee for the fully electric Nissan Leaf remains unchanged at RM3,500 per month for a three-year contract. However as with the X-Trail Hybrid, ETCM also introduced a two-year subscription plan for the Leaf, priced at RM4,500 per month

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