Here’s the all-new Honda Jazz before you’re supposed to see it

The all-new Honda Jazz (or Fit as it is known in Japan and the Americas) is scheduled to make its worldwide debut at the Tokyo Motor Show tomorrow, but images of the fully-uncovered car has already found its way onto the internet, courtesy of Japanese website Creative Trend

The images seem to be taken from the motor show magazine, and someone clearly managed to get a hold of a copy early. 

From the leaked images, we can see that Honda designers went with a more gentle design philosophy on the new Jazz. Standing out on the front facade is the new Solid Wing Face “grille”, which is mostly just a solid piece of bodywork. The air intake is slimmed down to just a single slit underneath the Honda emblem. 

Flanking the grille is the new larger headlights, which takes on a rounder shape that reminds us of the first-generation Honda Jazz. Inside the enclosure, Honda has upgraded the headlights to a square projector along with what seems to be a ‘U’-shaped daytime running lights. 

Around the side, the wide angular character line of the third-generation Honda Jazz has been replaced with a sleek line that runs from the top of the front-wheel arch along the entire length of the car. The C-pillar also has been redesigned with a split paint job that joins the taillamp enclosure to the roofline. 

At the rear, the existing vertical-oriented taillights of the previous Honda Jazz have been replaced by two-piece horizontal taillights. 

The leaked magazine also shows 5 different variants of the all-new Honda Jazz, namely the Basic, Home, Ness, Luxe and Crosstar. The Crosstar adopts a crossover-inspired design, with a variant-specific louvered front grille, bumper with larger air intakes, wheel arch cladding, roof rails, and a two-tone colour scheme. 

The Ness variant gets a more youthful colour accent that extends onto the inside, while the Luxe gets a few additional chrome trim pieces on the outside and a leather interior.

On the inside, the dashboard seems to have been redesigned with a more minimalistic look, where the touchscreen infotainment display takes centre-stage. The air vents have been moved from the top to flank the infotainment display, while the climate controls take the form of three circular dials below the screen.

The top of the dashboard has been reshaped into a single flat surface, while the front mimics the upholstery material of the seats. The instrument cluster has also been replaced by a digital screen, while the two spoke steering wheel seems to be lifted directly from the Honda e

The leaked magazine in question.

Honda has announced that the all-new Honda Jazz will be available with the Intelligent Multi-mode Drive (i-MMD) hybrid powertrain, and the source has indicated that the fourth-generation Honda Jazz will be utilising a 1.5-litre two-cylinder engine paired with two electric motors. 

More information will be made available once the car is officially launched in Japan tomorrow, so keep your eyes peeled as we bring you the latest coverage!


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