Feast your eyes on these first images of the all-new Volkswagen Golf Mk 8!

If you’re done gawking over the renderings of the new Volkswagen Golf Mk 8 we shared with you last week, feast your eyes on these images of the real deal – shared by French auto site, largus.fr – ahead of the all-new model’s global unveiling on the 24th of October.

Credit: largus.fr

It seems the real deal has not strayed too far from the renderings, unlike most that appear far more unrealistic than the actual production vehicle. The badge seen on the front fenders and the front bumper design appears nearly identical to the drawings shown last week.

If you observe closely, the headlamps are a lot slimmer compared to the Mk 7.5 we have at the moment. Also unlike the Mk 7.5, the aggressive slats on both corners of the front bumper are now joint, to form a single frame look.

Credit: largus.fr

Inside, single piece infotainment and instrument cluster display not only looks less cluttered but should do well in transforming the Golf’s image as a nippy little hatchback, to that of a fighter pilot’s cockpit – something Golf buyers would sure welcome with open arms.

With the new display, the air con vents have also been redesigned – from dual central vents to a single strip stretching across the entire dashboard.



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