These pictures prove there’s plenty to be excited about the new Volkswagen Golf

Volkswagen has given us a glimpse of what the new Mk 8 Golf would look like and judging from the drawings, there’s much to be excited about.

Volkswagen has said that the new Golf’s design would be “more dynamic than ever” and if you’ve observed the Golf’s evolution since the Mk 6, it’s fairly easy to assume that the new Mk 8 would be an aphrodisiac on wheels.

From the images, there are flashes of the Mk 7 on the front bumper and fender but with blatantly slimmer headlamps, it seems Volkswagen’s design theme has hit the sweet spot between maturity and youthfulness yet again – a typical character of the Golf that has worked so well in drawing buyers of all ages.

Inside is where the biggest changes lie by far. Like the new generation of Mercedes-Benz vehicles, the Golf will incorporate the instrument cluster and vehicle controls into a single, horizontal screen – very very cool.

With the new display, which Volkswagen says exemplifies their intention for a new “digital cockpit”, the air con vents have also been redesigned – from dual central vents to a single strip stretching across the entire dashboard.

Once you’re done wiping off your saliva-drenched laptops, do mark your calendars as Volkswagen also announced that the new Mk 8 Golf will make its debut on the 24th of October.



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