The long weekend is just around the corner and with expectations of heavy traffic on our urban and interstate highways being more accurate than 4D predictions, Waze has shared a few traffic predictions to help users better navigate through traffic.

According to their internal data from 2018, Waze is predicting an increase of up to 39% more active users on the road against a normal week.

In hindsight, with the public holidays, there’ll inevitably be more Grab drivers hustling some side income too so if driving can be avoided, it should. Spare yourself from time being spent behind the wheel and in the backseat instead will ya!

If you insist, you’d likely be joining the rest of the urbanites heading out of town, which equates to more congestion at petrol stations especially on the interstate highway.

Waze predicts that there’ll be an increase in navigation to petrol stations by as much as 38% during the Hari Raya Haji weekend compared to the same day of the week in July.

Funnily enough, knowing the typical Malaysian’s appetite for culinary adventures, Waze also predicted a 95% increase in food related searches on the app, particularly to fast food joints. That being the case, it’s probably wise to just stock up the kitchen cabinets and have a fun little cook out at home!

Not forgetting the Malaysian’s love for shopping malls, navigations to Klang Valley’s hotspots are expected to increase by 25%.

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Pan Eu Jin
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