It’s almost customary now to expect an M Performance kit every time a new model BMW is launched and the BMW 3-series Touring was no exception from the cooler department of BMW.

For starters, there’s the Style 796 18-inch M Performance light alloy wheels that offers shelter for the M Performance brakes, which looks simply stunning!

Here’s GC Mah’s take on the latest G20 BMW 3-series.

You may have seen them before, that’s because they were displayed at the local launch of the new 3-series and the global unveiling of the G20. As always, the kit also offers a wheel bag for those with a serious case of OCD over the condition of their wheels.

Aside from the head-turning wheels, the exterior can also be amplified by an M Performance rear diffuser, rear spoiler, carbon fibre side mirror caps, and the most unique of all is the M Performance front ornamental grille “Iconic Glow” where the radiator grilles light up when the vehicle is locked and unlocked.

As for the cabin, options include an M Performance Alcantara steering wheel, carbon fibre shift paddles, Alcantara gaiter for the manual models and M Performance floor mats.

What I find to be a little tacky but unfortunately is to the liking of most people are the LED door projectors; as if a car with such dramatic aesthetics isn’t enough. It’s just a bit of an unnecessary farce – further fueling the already inflated egos of most luxury vehicle owners, in Malaysia at least.


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