For those who book a new Subaru vehicle, either locally-assembled or imported by TC Subaru from 25th April 2019 onwards, will be eligible for the new, more comprehensive 5-years/100,000km warranty.

Some of you might be wondering what’s new and rightfully so, as Subaru is already offering such a warranty.

Have you heard that there’s an updated version of the Subaru XV?

Previously, parts like the front and rear suspension, brakes, exhaust system, steering system, engine, transmission, fuel system, electricals, air-conditioning, cooling system, air bags and other safety restraints were only covered up to the 3rd year or 60,000km while the engine, transmission and drivetrain were covered up to the 5th year or 100,000km but with limited coverage.

Now, all of the above are covered up to the 5-years or 100,000 km. This new scheme differs from the extended warranty schemes which provide reduced coverage in the subsequent years.

That said, TC Subaru will not be able to extend this programme to drivers who use non-genuine parts or carry out technical alterations not authorised or approved bynthe company.