5 things you need to know about the new Petronas Primax 95 with Pro-Drive

Petronas Dagangan has introduced the new Primax 95 with Pro-Drive which is now available in all of its stations effective immediately so here’s five things you need to know about it.

Nearly the same fuel used in Formula 1

93% of the active chemistry in the new Primax 95 with Pro-Drive is similar to the fuel used in Formula 1. You can now say that you’re using (somewhat) the same fuel as Lewis Hamilton.

World’s First Dual Friction Modifier

Realistically, it’s probably not something you’d be interested to look into but essentially what it does is reduce friction between the metal surfaces in the engine by up to 20% – allowing the engine to run smoother and be more responsive.

Double Detergent

The double dose of cleaning agents helps eliminate up to 99% of carbon deposits and keeps the injectors clean while forming a protective barrier.

This helps the injectors to provide a better spray of the fuel for a more efficient combustion – efficient combustion equals reduced power loss.

New anti-corrosion additive

A new formulation ensures a stronger bond between the additive and metal surfaces, offering double the protection for the engine components while maintaining optimum performance.

Hybrid vehicle applications

Having tested the new fuel on hybrid vehicles such as the Toyota Camry and BMW i3, it was found that at least 2% more power was left in the battery. Throughout testing, it was found that less fuel and battery power was used for the same mileage.



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