Could the Nissan IMs Concept be Nissan’s first EV sports sedan?

Nissan has just premiered an electric sports sedan concept at the 2019 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS). The Nissan IMs Concept is the Japanese carmaker’s vision of a high performance pure electric sedan that fully embraces the three pillars of Nissan Intelligent Mobility – Intelligent Driving, Intelligent Power and Intelligent Integration.

Because there is no longer a combustion engine in the picture, Nissan was able to incorporate aerodynamic friendly design cues into the car without losing the traditional sedan styling. Despite the grille-less front fascia, Nissan’s signature V-motion design language is still present in the shape of a bold, thin V-shaped lighting design.

The boxy rear design appears to have been inspired by the Infinity Q Inspiration along with the single piece tail lamp trim. To emphasise its Japanese character, a traditional Japanese Asanoha geometric graphic pattern has been applied in gold over the IMs concept’s smoked glass roof surface. Although we think the IMx Concept looks miles better than this…

The IMs concept utilises a dual electric motor set up, one located on each axle giving it all-wheel-drive capabilities and ideal front to rear weight balance. The electric motors are said to be able to generate up to 483 hp and 800 Nm of torque while a 115-kWh battery pack juices the car for up to 611 km on a single charge. As with any EV concept, fully autonomous driving capabilities are planned for the IMs concept to allow drivers to safely and comfortably interact with their passengers between commutes.


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