Road race in Japan takes an ugly turn for one unfortunate Ferrari 360 Modena

Whether you’re in a Ferrari or a Perodua Myvi, the self-proclaimed “fastest car in Malaysia” by the automotive community, road-racing is never a smart move; not to mention a selfish and inconsiderate act.

And recently, one unlucky Ferrari 360 Modena owner found that out the hard way. In what seems like a test of skill and ego on a Japanese highway, a dashcam footage showed a Ferrari F50 being chased down by another Ferrari, a 360 Modena.

The video, as tragic as it is to watch, does offer a lesson – to be tactful of your surroundings when travelling as such high speeds and be ultra careful and considerate when swerving across multiple lanes as the Ferrari F50 owner should’ve.

The ultimate lesson though, is to resist the urge and temptation. The spur-of-the-moment temptation to indulge in such immature behaviour on the road and the urge to go beyond the scope of reasonable driving – not on public roads at least.


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