You read that right. Never in the history of Formula 1 has anything like that taken place and now the Internet is exploding from it with more than six million views in just under two days.

This video features newly-crowned, five-time Formula 1 World Champion, Lewis Hamilton, Hollywood heavyweights Will Smith and Michael Bay before the start of last weekend’s Abu Dhabi Formula 1 Grand Prix.

The short clip shows Will kidnapping and tying Lewis to a chair and since Lewis was already crowned Champion, Will wanted to have a go at last weekend’s race as “Lewis Hamilton”; also because they’re both black and no one would notice. Got to love a good racial joke when you hear it!

While the two displayed impeccable acting chops (especially Lewis Hamilton), the drama and intensity was delivered by the man behind the camera, Michael Bay, who filmed the “prank” as if he was filming an action scene with Shia LaBeouf in Transformers.

If you thought that was amusing, wait till you check out the “behind the scenes” video. Will Smith for one, is no stranger to spectacular Instagram videos; check out the one where he did the Kiki challenge on top of a bridge in Budapest, Hungary.

This would not have been possible if Formula 1 was still under the stewardship of Bernie Ecclestone.

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