“Hey BMW”, BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant debuts

BMW will celebrate the premiere of its new-generation BMW Cockpit design concept at the 2018 Paris Motor Show happening in October. The fully digital BMW Operating System 7.0 display and control can already be found in new-generation BMW models like the G05 X5, 8 Series, G29 Z4 and G20 3 Series.

The new generation BMW Live Cockpit is made up of three components, instrument cluster, navigation and entertainment system. The instrument cluster display no longer replicates analogue circular gauges instead it now displays arched design elements that open towards the centre which means the rev counter now moves anti-clockwise.

The new arched design also opens up more space in the centre to accommodate a bigger display of the navigation data. Advanced driver assistance system is displayed within the left speedometer while additional entertainment info can be shown within the right-hand arc. The theme of the instrument cluster will also change from blue to red accents according to the drive mode selected – Eco Pro, Comfort and Sport.

The high-resolution LCD instrument cluster is complemented by the infotainment screen that is equipped with BMW Operating System 7.0. The new operating system allows users to personalise the content shown on the top main menu – communications, media/radio, clock, navigation, sports displays, route preview, traffic, position or driving information.

Drivers will also be glad to hear that the iDrive Controller, touch control, voice and gesture control has been further optimised to make operations more intuitive on the new operating system. There is also a new onboard BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant that uses AI recognition to learn your driving habits and preferred settings and integrate them to the voice command.

It also recognises humanised commands, for example, saying “Hey BMW, I’m cold” will prompt the Personal Assistant to adjust the climate control accordingly. Other commands available include controlling seat heating, navigating to favourite destinations but the most unique feature is that you can give your digital assistant a name. Now you can finally have your own Jarvis.

BMW Operating System 7.0 also supports Remote Software Upgrade that downloads the latest software updates to the BMW Connected app. The installation will take place when the smartphone is connected to the vehicle. Only downside, you will not be able to drive your car until the installation is completed which BMW says takes only 20 minutes.

Locally, the BMW Operating System 7.0 display and control is not yet available on BMW Malaysia’s model line up. Expect the new generation of BMW connectivity services to debut on the new X5 and 8 Series when they land to our shores. For the time being, which infotainment system takes your fancy – Hey Mercedes or Hey BMW?



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