What was previously known as the Proven Exclusivity brand, has now been rebranded to “Mercedes-Benz Certified” in line with the brand’s global transition.

So what’s Mercedes-Benz Certified anyways?

It’s essentially a programme that allows you to cherry pick from a collection certified pre-owned Mercedes-Benz models at the Certified Pre-Owned Centre launched today, made attractive by two main factors; immaculate condition and appealing prices.

Vehicles under this programme are sourced from authorised Mercedes-Benz Malaysia dealers, aged six years or less and had clocked less than 125,000 km, without any core structural damages.

These vehicles are fully serviced and maintained only by authorised Mercedes-Benz service centres with original parts.

With that, Mercedes-Benz Malaysia has offered nine reasons or rather “promises” that comprehensively covers all your concerns when thinking about buying a used Mercedes-Benz.

  • 215 multi-point inspection

Each vehicle had undergone rigourous inspections by certified technicians before receiving the Mercedes-Benz Certified stamp of approval. Inspection is done on the body of the car, engine components, chassis, electric systems with extensive road tests.

  • Test drives

Customers will be offered the option to test drive any of the Mercedes-Benz Certified vehicles to decide on whether the car fits their needs and preferences.

  • Trade-in

Customers are given the option to trade-in their existing vehicles when purchasing a Mercedes-Benz Certified vehicle.

  • Genuine service and maintenance records

All the Mercedes-Benz Certified vehicles have been checked and verified with genuine service and maintenance records from authorised Mercedes-Benz dealers.

  • Genuine Mileage

The same Certified vehicles would’ve also been checked and verified of their genuine mileage which is guaranteed by Mercedes-Benz.

  • 12-month warranty extension

On top of the remaining existing warranty, these Certified vehicles will also be covered by a 12-month warranty extension with unlimited mileage.

  • Finance and Insurance services

Vehicles under this programme will be offered with finance and insurance services, to cater to customer’s preferences – making it more irresistible and attractive to own a Certified Pre-Owned Mercedes-Benz.

  • Service Contracts

Under the Certified programme, customers are also offered with flexible and affordable service contracts for the service and maintenance package of their pre-owned Mercedes-Benz.

  • Road Assistance

Mercedes-Benz Certified vehicle owners will also be assured and accompanied by a 24-hour road assistance service in the event of a breakdown.