Cupra, the high performance division of Spanish automaker Seat, has put to test its 680 hp e-Racer for the first time at a race track.

All electrical, battery, cooling and drivetrain systems of the fully electric race car had previously been tested individually but this time the elements were integrated and their operation tested together on the track.

This CUPRA e-Racer was the first touring car produced that complies with the requirements for competing in the new E TCR series, the first ever electric, multi-brand touring car championship.

The battery pack on this touring race car is made up of 6,072 round cell batteries, which is equivalent to 9,000 mobile phone batteries.

SEAT Vice President for Research and Development, Dr. Matthias Rabe said, “With the CUPRA e-Racer we want to bring racing to the next level. We believe we can help reinvent motorsport and achieve success. Motorsport is one of the pillars of CUPRA, and we are proud of the team that is making this electric touring racecar possible.”

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