Newly appointed Transport Minister, Anthony Loke is starting a crackdown on Kopi O license or offering bribes to secure a driving licence, as announced in a press conference. The Road Transport Department (JPJ) will be focusing on improving the current system with integrity to prevent the reoccurrence of this issue.

Loke explained that the current fees for vehicle licence that can be collected by driving academies as approved by JPJ are set at RM350 for B2 (motorcycle <250 cc), RM1,150 for D (manual cars) and RM1,250 for DA (automatic cars). These predetermined fees include the driving lessons and examination fees. Loke also highlighted that JPJ only collects a small portion of the fees.

The Transport Minister has given orders to stop driving academies to offer “Until Pass Package” (pakej sampai lulus) and collects a premium over the predetermined fares. However, he explained that driving academies can charge for value added services such as pick up and drop off but stressed that these value-adds are completely optional for the consumers.

In the event that driving academies collects additional fares, it has to be reflected in an itemised bill. “No (more) hidden costs, if there are any (driving) institutes disobeys these rules, I will not hesitate to cancel their licence,” he said.

Moving forward JPJ will head towards the direction of automation or without human intervention in conducting its driving tests. The Ministry will look into installing onboard cameras for the on-track test and invigilators will monitor from a control room. For on the road tests, the entire process will be recorded on video to maintain the integrity of the exam and allow the candidates to file an appeal if there are any discrepancies.

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