Amazing cars piloted by amazing drivers doing amazing things – this probably tops our pick for the most exciting car video we’ve seen this year as BMW really went all out on this.

Set in the all-new F90 BMW M5, it drifted for a period of EIGHT HOURS (374 km done in over 200 laps) around a skid pad with Johan Schwartz behind the wheel – setting a new world record for the “greatest distance vehicle drift in eight hours”.

To allow eight hours of continuous drifting, an older BMW M5 (F10) had to drift in tandem with the new car with a “refueller” suspended out of the rear window.

A total of five refuels were made and in the video, it’s clear to see the risks involved when the vehicles nudged each other at mid-drift while the “refueller” sandwiched between the two cars.

Once the first world record was accomplished, the two vehicles set another Guinness World Record for the “longest twin vehicle drift” for a duration of one hour (79 km).

Credit: BMW USA