How to use the launch control in your M car, as explained by BMW

Before, it was a matter of putting your manual transmission into first gear, hold the throttle and release the clutch at its very sweet spot and off you go. Now, simply fiddle with some switches, foot hard on the throttle and release the brakes held by your left foot and the horizon rushes towards you.

Possibly seeing a need to educate its customers on how to execute the perfect launch off the line, the good people at BMW M have put together an instruction video, guided by Stefan Landmann, class-winner of the 24-Hour Nurburgring 2011, to go through the launch control procedures in your M car.

Before getting too eager with the system though, all M car owners out there should always let the engine warm up a little – let it reach its optimal working temperature (indicators are by the redline) before you make the engine scream to your heart’s content.


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