In case you forget the stature of the vehicle you’ve worked so hard to own, the Mercedez-Benz original-parts program now offers the LED projector AMG emblem.

When opening the front doors, the AMG emblem will be projected by the side sill area in 3D with the aid of the entrance lighting mechanism at the bottom of the door. The LED Projector AMG Emblem can fitted in numerous vehicle models from the A-Class to GLS models.

The AMG emblem displays all the elements of the Mercedes-AMG high performance brand: an apple tree on the river which symbolises the location in Affalterbach, Germany while the cam, valve and valve springs symbolises engine manufacturing.

The AMG emblem LED projector can be fitted in just a matter of minutes by simply replacing the factory-installed entrance lighting at the bottom of the front doors.

Another eye-catching addition is the illuminated Mercedes-Benz star where its outline is centred on the radiator grille, illuminating by means of light conductors and LED – adding a touch more exclusivity and visual-appeal.


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