Find out why your car’s engine feels coarse and heavy; here’s how to deal with it

We all have different perspectives and approaches when it comes to our cars. Some of us decorate them in individualistic ways, some of us give them names while there are those among us who only see them as nothing more than a means of transportation. Regardless of what our cars mean to us, the question always beckons – do we care enough for our car, its engine and other vital components?

Driving in Kuala Lumpur can be as punishing for our cars as it is for us. Aside from frequent stop-start motions and unavoidable idling conditions in heavy traffic which increases the stress on the engine oil, our approach to car maintenance and how we drive them matters just as much. Therefore, opting for the right engine lubricants play a vital role in maintaining an engine’s performance and longevity.

The Helix Ultra engine oil may have been at every corner of Shell’s petrol stations or any automotive workshops but we ought to pay more attention to it than seeing it as just another product on sale.

It’s vital to first note that Shell’s Helix Ultra engine oils with PurePlus Technology is formulated using natural gas, the first of its kind to ensure long-lasting engine performance.

Capable of operating in extremely high temperatures, it offers constant and optimum protection to the engine with 32% better resistance to oil degradation*. Even at low temperatures, Shell’s Helix Ultra with PurePlus Technology provides up to three times faster oil flow at -40°C**.

The Shell Helix Ultra with PurePlus Technology had also proven to ensure unrivaled engine cleanliness based on a 100,000 km test, with test vehicles retaining the same performance from when it left the factory. With up to 50% less evaporation***, not only would you be spending less to constantly top up your engine with lubricants, the Shell Helix Ultra’s exceptional cleansing qualities will also allow you to optimise your car manufacturer’s recommended service intervals.

And it gets better – with Shell Advantage Rewards (SHARE) program, you can now reward yourself for treating your car well. Receive a Lazada e-voucher worth up to RM 15 on your first purchase of Shell Helix Ultra, High Mileage, HX7, or HX5 upon registering for the SHARE program. With the SHARE program, Shell’s Helix Ultra engine oil will be free on your fourth oil change at SHARE outlets once you have completed three consecutive oil changes with Shell Helix Ultra. Find out more benefits of SHARE at

Making engine oil purchases more accessible and service interval appointments even more convenient, Shell Helix products and even Oil Change Service Packages can now be purchased at the Shell Online Store within the Lazada platform.

With convenience and accessibility to better products and services at your fingertips, #DRIVEON with no frills.

*Compared with API SN specification and based on Sequence IIIG oxidation test
**Compared with API SN specification and based on ASTM D484
****Based on ASTM D5800 NOACK volatility test


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