Volkswagen offers a sneak preview of what the Polo GTI R5 rally car would look like

Volkswagen will return to the rally stages with Polo GTI R5 – where it will make a 270 hp rally version of the Polo which will be available to professional teams and aspiring drivers to enable them to compete in championships including the FIA World Rally Championship.

A sketch of the car, based on the new sixth-generation Polo gave a foretaste of what’s to come. Like the production model, due for launch at the end of the year, the Polo GTI R5 will come with a four-cylinder turbo engine with direct fuel injection.

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Other features include four-wheel drive, a sequential five-speed racing transmission and a comprehensive safety package. This gives privateers, teams and importers the opportunity to contest in national, regional and international championships with cost-effective, powerful rally cars.

“With the Polo GTI R5 we are hoping to transfer our expertise from four WRC titles to customer racing successfully, and offer a first-class racing machine for countless rally championships from national series to the WRC,” said Volkswagen Motorsport Director, Sven Smeets.


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