This Alcraft GT could be the sexiest electric car you’ll see this year

You may not have heard of them but its probably time you start taking notice. Alcraft Motor Company is a British electric vehicle start-up with an aim to start production of its first, high-performance Alcraft GT super-electric car by 2019. How? Through a crowdfunding campaign of course; like every other start-up out there.

The Alcraft GT will come in a shooting brake-like design with a 500-litre luggage area and a 300-mile (483 km) range. While the concept runs on battery only, its being developed to eventually accommodate a range extender and also with a 2+2 seating arrangement rather than a two-seater.

“Virtual engineering” on the Alcraft GT has projected an output of 600 hp with 1139 Nm of torque, with 0 to 100 km/h requiring just 3.5 seconds to complete. It will also come with four-wheel drive, as electric cars would, together with torque-vectoring to go alongside its lightweight chassis.

Exposed carbon fibre B-pillars and roof structure not only serves to heighten aesthetic appeal, but also as a safety cell while creating an exceptionally light cabin. It comes with a wraparound front screen that will be sure to provide unrivaled visibility with a roof that’s largely made of glass.

“We want to build a British car company which brings together traditional skills and high technology for the emerging low carbon car market”, says founder and Managing Director of Alcraft Motor, David Alcraft.

The Alcraft GT model is currently on display in Bedfordshire, England at the Cenex Low Carbon Vehicle event.



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