A new member has joined the already formidable coalition between BMW Group, tech giants Mobileye and Intel in the development of an autonomous car platform – Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCA) as reported by AutocarUK.

Autocar UK also stated that FCA will aim to have a hand in current R&D efforts for an all-new platform that will seek to offer up to level five autonomy. The platform is being produced to be scalable, offering level three autonomy in ‘entry level’ variants for specific scenarios like highway driving. Level five autonomy will see cars controlling themselves in all scenarios.

Also reported was that the platform which will be shared by BMW Group and FCA models, will benefit from the software and hardware provided by Intel and Mobileye – presumably with one playing the brains (Intel) and the other playing the eyes (Mobileye) in the equation.

The piece by Autocar also claimed that a fleet of 40 autonomous vehicles will hit the streets before the end of 2017 for testing, where the same would be added to the 100 vehicles that’s currently deployed by both the tech giants.

Due in 2021, BMW’s autonomous model, the iNext, will offer level 3.5 autonomy utilising an all-electric drivetrain capable of over 500 km in driving range.

Souce: Autocar UK

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