This state in the US fines you for driving too slow on the highway!

It’s getting worse; spreading like wild fire – it’s fast becoming a plague. Lane hoggers are spawning faster than we can eradicate them and its not just happening here in Malaysia.

The state of Nevada in the US too has been experiencing this apparently and has put into effect a new law where drivers can get fined for driving too slow in the left lane (far right for us). Yeap, the same state that’s also home to the vice-infested Las Vegas.

Speeding issues aside, the Nevada Highway Patrol says the No.1 cause for most road rage are lane hoggers. Sound familiar?

So as of 1st July, if a car is going to be on the left lane, it has to be going at least the speed limit. Based on local news reports, this is not in any way encourage drivers to speed, but to at least keep up with the speed limit to avoid congesting the steady flow of traffic.

A driver was fined for driving at 59 mph (95 km/h) on a 65 mph stretch (105 km/h), causing unnatural flow of traffic. So far less than a handful of drivers have been fined for breaking the new law – with fines costing 50 USD (approx RM 214) for the first offence, 100 USD (approx RM 428) for the second and 250 USD (approx RM 1070) for the third.

Gosh imagine having to pay that kinda amount in Malaysia for hogging the fast lane without “any leway”, the road would be a more pleasant place for sure!


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