Could the Volkswagen Gen.E be a glimpse of what the next Golf would look like?

At the Volkswagen Future Mobility Days event in Germany, a mysterious hatchback was spotted and it was indeed an all-electric car. The side profile is reminiscent that of the Golf, but apparently Volkswagen denies all possibilities of it being the actual successor.

What’s on display here is actually the concept of car charging which are done by robots. Volkswagen calls this the “Mobile Charging Robots“. However, there’s no secret that the hatchback, known as the Gen.E, could be of an indication of how the future Golf will be like.

For starters, the front sports a full-width grille and angular headlights. Also, the LED daytime running lights are new to the family, donning a design never before seen in their most recent models. The closest would be the facelifted e-Golf.

The Volkswagen Gen.E is rumoured to sit atop a new lightweight platform structure optimised for maximum crash safety. The aerodynamically optimised body and employment of next-gen powertrain give it an overall range of 398 km – an increase of 101 km compared to the current e-Golf.

Late last year, the seventh-generation Golf received a mid-life update which should soldier on until 2018 or 2019. However, don’t be surprised if the next Golf will be fully electric and come with autonomous driving techs. Perhaps by then, even charging up the car will be automated by robotic jigs.


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