Honda & Hitachi forms new joint venture to produce electric motors for EVs

Honda Motor Company, together with Hitachi Automotive System have just announced a joint venture to develop and manufacture electric motors for electric vehicles. It’s called Hitachi Automotive Electric Motor Systems Ltd. and is in response to the growing global demand for electric vehicles.

Approximately ¥5 billion (RM190.1 million) has been invested by Hitachi and Honda (51 percent and 49 percent respectively). Operations will take place at Hitachi’s premise in Ibaraki, Japan. The two companies will combine their expertise to develop “competitive motors” for future electric vehicles.

The company also intends to become a global supplier for electric motors to meet the increasing demand of electric vehicles from Honda and other vehicle manufacturers. Plans to expand its operations (manufacturing and sales) to United States and China are among those in the pipeline.

Of course, Honda will make full use of the electric motors produced by this JVC in the near future when the hybrid-car assault begins.


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