The annual “Worthersee” event in Austria is the time where young apprentices from Volkswagen AG gather to unravel their engineering prowess. This year, these apprentices have created what’s supposed to be the future Golf GTI. Enter the Volkswagen Golf GTI First Decade hybrid.

The GTI First Decade is just in its concept form (Volkswagen is currently offering the plug-in hybrid Golf GTE in certain markets) yet packs a combined output of 402 hp from the 2.0-litre petrol engine and a 48V 12kW electric motor. The former drives the front wheel while the latter drives the rear.

The concept’s party trick this: drivers can choose which axle to lay down all that power. Either to the front, rear or even all-wheel drive. Most interestingly of all, it can be done via a smartphone app connected to the infotainment system. Inside, the two front seats will get massage function as well!

Being young adults, the 11-speaker sound system with subwoofer and LED lighting are commissioned for this concept. The Atlantic Blue Metallic paint here represent the Worthersee lake and blue sky, while the number 10 indicates the 10th Worthersee project by Volkswagen.

Joining the Golf GTI First Decade in Worthersee is the Golf GTE Estate impulsE. Just like that GTI, the wagon is yet another hybrid with more emphasis in environmental friendliness. For instance, battery size is doubled from 8.8kWh to 18.8kWh!

Whether or not these concepts will be realised one day remains to be seen. But one thing’s for sure, Volkswagen’s pool of young talents seems broadly promising. Also, notice how big of a zero emissions fan these guys are?


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