There are almost one million Perodua Myvis on our roads, and counting…

The Perodua Myvi, arguably the quintessential people’s car in Malaysia, is reaching the one millionth production milestone. That’s an amazing feat considering the Myvi was Perodua’s first foray into the B-segment.

It’s also not just a rebadge of the Passo – the car which it’s based on. Instead, the company sent their finest engineers to Japan to collaborate with Daihatsu and Toyota for a new B-segment hatchback. The Japs went on to launch the Toyota Passo and Daihatsu Boon/Sirion in 2004, while Perodua released the Myvi a year later.

The Myvi moniker was derived from “My Vehicle, My Vision“, in which “My” stands for Malaysia (no surprises there). Launched in May 2005, the Perodua Myvi became a runaway success and was quickly named the best-selling car in Malaysia until 2014. The only other car capable of dethroning a Myvi is another Perodua model

Besides doing exceedingly well in Malaysia, the Myvi also fared reasonably well in Indonesia. The Myvi was rebadged as a Daihatsu Sirion. Perodua claims that nearly 31,000 units of the Myvi found new homes in Indonesia (the world’s fourth most populous nation) since 2007. Approximately 35,000 of the Myvis were exported since 2006.

Today, the Myvi, currently in its second-generation guise, is the third best-selling Perodua model in its lineup. Perodua sold 13,900 Myvis in the first four months of 2017, and they are expecting the millionth Myvi to roll off the production line sometime this month. It is undeniably the country’s most produced vehicle, ever.Toyota Passo

Now, with both Toyota and Daihatsu unveiling the new Passo and Boon in Japan last year, it’s only a matter of time before the new-generation Myvi comes along.


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