BMW 6 Series Coupe on the chopping block, focus is all on the new 8 Series

The BMW 6 Series started life as a two-door coupe before the four-door Gran Coupe and the Convertible versions came along. Today, BMW announced that the 6 Series coupe will no longer be available, but the other duo will still be produced.

A report from Road & Track confirmed that BMW stopped production of the 6 Series coupe in February as a consequence of poor sales. What does this mean? Well, enter the 8 Series, the Bavarian giant’s latest foray into the luxury two-door GT. Its concept form will take centre stage on 26 May, and once it comes to fruition, the GT will go head to head against the S-Class coupe.

Back at home, the BMW 6 Series is only available as a four-door 640i Gran Coupe M Sport, which will set you back at a cool RM788,800. And if you’re can’t tell already, the silhouette below is of the new 8-er. We can’t wait!


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