Good news for all Shell loyalists, because from today onwards, you will be getting an advanced formulation designed to help your engine run cleaner and more efficiently. Shell Malaysia’s new DYNAFLEX technology is available in all their petrol and diesel products – FuelSave 95, V-Power 97 (Euro 4M), V-Power Racing, FuelSave Diesel and FuelSave Diesel Euro 5.

It took them five years to develop this formulation, and the benefits include cleaning and protecting essential engine components such as intake valves and fuel injectors. This new formulation is able to reduce carbon built-up that saps away power and efficiency.

Mae Ascan, Senior Scientist, ‎Shell Global Solutions explaining the benefits of new DYNAFLEX

Shell claims that with the new FuelSave 95 with DYNAFLEX has 20 percent more friction reducing molecules compared to the outgoing formulation and helps protect the cylinders against dirt buildup. The same goes for the V-Power 97 which, compared to the old formula, the new one has 3 times more cleaning and friction reducing molecules compared to the FuelSave 95 formulation.

The new V-Power Racing with DYNAFLEX on the other hand, has a unique design to remove up to 80 percent of performance robbing deposits. This high-performance fuel is the only fuel co-engineered and recommended by Ferrari.

On diesel fuels, the new DYNAFLEX technology contains powerful dirt-busting molecules to clean dirty injectors that contribute to inefficient combustion. This new formulation also helps to offer better protection against dirt build-up.

“We place customers at the heart of everything we do, and we aim to make their life’s journey better by giving them one less worry on the road. Our new Shell fuels aim to clean and protect car engines, making them more efficient to help you enjoy your journeys on the road. We believe it is not just where you go, but also how you go that matters. We hope motorists will experience the benefits of our new fuels, enhanced with our latest DYNAFLEX technology, so that they can enjoy better journeys on the road,” said Shairan Huzani Husain, Managing Director of Shell Malaysia Trading Sdn Bhd and Shell Timur Sdn Bhd.

The new Shell fuel with DYNAFLEX is available at all Shell stations nationwide. As of 9 May 2017, petrol prices are at RM2.11 (RON 95) and RM2.39 (RON 97) while diesel is priced at RM2.08 (Euro 2) and RM2.18 (Euro 5). You can keep track of the latest fuel prices with the widget located on the right.


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