2017 Renault Megane RS teased, 300 hp, four-wheel steering [+Video]

Ah, finally, a worthy successor looms. In response to Renault Sports’ one million followers on Facebook, Renault revealed the first teaser of the new Megane RS hot hatch. The Golf R rival from France will officially be launched later this year.

Not much can be made out of the picture above, but one thing is clear: the chequered LED fog lights are in place, just like the ones seen on the Clio RS 16 concept. The C-shaped LED DRLs are standard from the new Megane.

Right now, nothing is known about the engine, but it could be an improved version of the outgoing 2.0-litre four-pot. It should be turbocharged to produce over 300 hp, putting it right next to the Honda Civic Type R. A six-speed EDC dual-clutch automatic is offered for the first time, but enthusiasts will be delighted to know Renault Sport isn’t foolish enough to drop the six-speed manual transmission. Apparently, Renault is toying with the idea of four-wheel steering, up from the usual front-wheel drive application.

The new Megane RS has big shoes to fill, considering the illustrious achievements of its predecessor, such as the RS275 Trophy-R. It is expected to make its global debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September this year. Meanwhile,  find out what we think of the Renault Megane RS 265 Sport!

Travis Chang

Travis Chang

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