According to the latest Interbrand Rankings, Toyota is effectively the top automotive brand in terms of brand value in the world. Toyota (ranked 5th; 6th in 2015) and Mercedes-Benz (9th) are the only two automotive brands in the top 10.

To avoid confusion, the ranking includes all brands including Apple, Google, IBM and so forth. In the auto division, both Toyota and Mercedes-Benz brand outperformed other popular makes such as BMW (11), Honda (21 ), Ford (33) and Hyundai (35). Making an interesting entry to the list is Tesla, though at no. 100 is the final brand to make it to the list of 100. This is largely achieved by the mass-marketed and affordable Tesla Model 3.2016-tesla-model3-5

As always, tech giants Apple and Google are the top two, with Coca-Cola coming in third. Toyota’s brand value is rated at US$53 billion, whereas Apple’s brand value is at least three times more than that.

Interbrand’s top Automotive brands for 2016

5: Toyota, USD 53.58 billion
9: Mercedes-Benz, USD 43.49 billion
11: BMW,  USD 41.535 billion
21: Honda, USD 22.106 billion
33: Ford, USD 12.962 billion
35: Hyundai, USD 12.547 billion
38: Audi, USD 11.799 billion
40: Volkswagen, USD 11.436 billion
43: Nissan, USD 11.066 billion
50: Porsche, USD 9.537 billion
69: Kia, USD 6.326 billion
78: Land Rover, USD 5.696 billion
88: Mini, USD 4,986 billion
100: Tesla, USD 4.011 billion

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