Mazda3 hatchback now comes with MS MazdaSports Model Package, all yours for under RM10k!

Hatchbacks generally carry a sporty and dynamic image as compared to sedan body style. With that philosophy in mind, Bermaz Motor took the Mazda3 SkyActiv hatchback and gave it a little spicing up.

Available exclusively for the Mazda3 Hatchback, the MS MazdaSports Model Package is comprised of a set of cosmetic enhancements, both exterior and interior to invigorate the C-segment hatchback.2016 Mazda3 HB MazdaSports

Outside, you get a five-piece gloss black/red accented body kit (front lip, side skirts, rear diffuser and a tailgate spoiler). Elsewhere, the standard 18-inch alloys are now finished in gunmetal grey. The exterior is completed with a pair of MS Signature Red Wing Mirror, MS Tailpipe and a Red Mazda3 badge.

Inside, the fabric seats found on the standard Mazda3 HB are replaced with leather and suede combination, similar to the ones found on the CX-3 except the MazdaSports package comes with MS embroidery and red contrast stitching. The suede material also finds its way to the top of the steering wheel which now comes with a centre marker as well as the door panels.2016 Mazda3 HB MazdaSports

Mechanics of the Mazda3 HB MazdaSports remains unchanged with the 2.0-litre naturally aspirated SkyActiv-G and six-speed SkyActiv automatic developing 162 hp and 210 Nm. Power is channeled to the front wheels only. Other equipment mirrors the standard hatchback variant.

New owners of the Mazda3 HB who would like to spice up their car will have to fork out an additional RM9,880 (inclusive of 6 percent GST and installation), on top of the RM121k selling price of the locally assembled hatchback. Bermaz also expressed that customers opting for this package will need to wait an extra month on top of the stipulated waiting period. Bermaz MazdaSports Division also hinted that they will be developing more models with the MS nameplate in the future.



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