Car prices hardly appreciate like property, unless if the car is “special” or as rare as the Lamborghini Miura. Not so for Porsche, as the recent Porsche 911 R now commands an asking price close to £1 million (approximately RM5.4 million) for a used example!

The reason behind this astronomical appreciation, according to high-end car financing company Magnitude Finance, is because all 911 units of the manual GT3 RS have been sold out even before it was launched!

Yep, only 911 units will ever be made, but already there are people willing to pay up to seven times its original pricing. Initially priced at £136,901 (RM740k), a used example can now command a minimum price of £550,000 (RM3 million), while others are ‘desperate’ enough to part as much as £1 million (RM5.4 million) for it!porsche911r- (3)

The 911 R isn’t the only car that’s highly sought after, because the Cayman GT4 and Macan SUV have also had their secondhand values appreciate considerably. The Macan’s value is driven by high demand with a waiting list of over eight months, while the limited edition, manual-only Cayman GT4 (original price £64,451) now costs over RM500k for a used example.  2015 Porsche Cayman GT4 launch in Malaysia -

The moral of the story here is, if you want to invest in a car, you know where to look.

[Source: AutoCar UK]

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