As the adage goes, the devil is in the details. It seems to ring true with Bosch too, as the German automotive parts giant launched the ‘One Wrong Part Ruins Everything’ campaign at its Petaling Jaya HQ.

Overlooking vehicle maintenance could often lead to disastrous results, and the culprit could be one of the many minor parts of the car. In the #GetItRight vehicle safety workshop conducted for the media, participants were taught the basics of vehicle maintenance, including checks on essential fluids, battery level and wiper blades.2016 Bosch #GetItRight Campaign -

Choosing quality parts for your car is important too, foregoing safety and quality for measly savings at the checkout counter is unwise, to say the least. Malaysia has a traffic related death to population ratio of 24 to 100,000; a sobering five times more than our neighbour down south.

Also released is the new Advantage Wiper featuring an exclusive “tropicalised rubber” engineered for our punishing climate. Malaysian celebrity Awal Ashaari was present to launch the blades with Country Manager of Bosch Automotive Aftermarket, Mr. Pang Yoon Kong. The wipers are now available at all major car accessories shops and Lazada at RM35 a pair.


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Although he still feels that 3 pedals are less complicated than 2, but the increasing number of buttons and touchscreens in the modern automobile is gradually shifting him away from the stick shift.