Shell Rimula Malaysia launches new and improved fully synthetic 10W-40 engine oil

Shell Rimula, the world’s best selling heavy duty diesel engine oil (HDDEO) brand has just been updated. Two products are available in Malaysia beginning today, starting with the R5 LE 10W-40 and fully synthetic R6 LM 10W-40. They both feature Shell’s Dynamic Protection Plus Technology and its base oil is made of natural gas through the company’s patented gas-to-liquid (GTL) technology.

The acronym in the R5 LE stands for Low Emissions and Energy Saving, whereas the R6 LM stands for Low Emissions and Maintenance Saving. Both lubricants are Euro 5 and Euro 6 emissions compliant, and its CJ-4 specification now exceeds ACEA, MAN and Mercedes-Benz’s specifications for engine wear and cleanliness.2016 Shell Rimula HDDEO

What the engine oils offer is up to 53 percent better protection against engine wear and deposits, especially cam wear and up to 45 percent lower engine oil consumption. Its low SAPs formulation reduces downtime from clogging, which means you get more done time than down time. Prices for the oils begin at RM572.60 for a 20-litre tub, but those who wish to purchase in bulk will be entitled to a discount.

In conjunction with the introduction of the Rimula duo, Shell Lubricants have also launched the 2016 edition of the Shell Rimula Global Promotion. This year, eight lucky Grand Prize winners will be sent South Africa for a unique, money-can’t-buy driving challenge. Last year, the winners visited Budapest to experience first hand the FIA European Truck Racing Championship, while the winners in 2014 took part in a heavy equipment challenge in London.




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