Review: Mazda MX-5 2.0L Skyactiv, is this the Roadster for you? [+Video]

It’s been some time now since the fourth-generation Mazda MX-5 arrived on our shores, and you’ve probably seen the same RM 8000-registered model driven around by Santa GC last Christmas, randomly throwing gifts to just about anyone brave enough to reciprocate his excessively generous gesture.

Today, we have for you guys our review of the quickest, nimblest and most focused MX-5 to date. We flew to Hiroshima, Japan to sample the 1.5-litre variant last September and found that the high-revving lump (revs to 7,500 rpm!) coupled to a six-speed manual gearbox was just about enough – if not more – for all the fun you’d need. However, we will only be getting the 2.0-litre automatic variant, that is of course until the manual variant gets introduced to the lineup later this year.2015-Mazda-MX-5-Review-56


NameMazda MX-5 2.0L Skyactiv
Engine1,998cc; DOHC inline-4 cylinder, Skyactiv-G
Transmission6-speed automatic (torque converter)
Max Power158 hp @ 6,000 rpm
Max Torque200 Nm @ 4,600 rpm
Price (OTR with GST and insurance)RM226,376.32

Just as a quick recap, the 2015 Japan Car of the Year is nearly 100kg lighter (now at 1,080kg) than the previous NC model, bringing it that much closer to the first generation’s kerb weight of 940kg. Do bear in mind that shedding 100kg isn’t as easy as one would think, but how Mazda did it is all explained in the video.

It’s an even more impressive feat considering how well equipped this roadster really is. It gets full LED headlights with LED daytime running lights, 17-inch wheels with 205/45 series tyres, a premium interior with 9-speaker Bose sound system, leather seats (manually adjustable), sporty three-spoke multifunction steering wheel and the Mazda MZD Connect System. Also if you’re wondering, the MX-5 doesn’t come with a rear view camera, and understandably so.2015-Mazda-MX-5-Review-40

It’s priced at RM226,376.32 with GST and insurance, packaged together with a 3-Year warranty and 3-Year or 60,000km free maintenance package – parts and labour (and a complimentary car wash, no less) included. If you’re keen to catch the MX-5 in person, do drop by the Glenmarie showroom to get an up-close and personal look at Mazda’s finest interpretation of their Jinba Ittai philosophy.

Meanwhile, enjoy the video!




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