As we already know, the subcompact crossover segment is a growing segment in the automotive industry. With Mazda, Honda and Renault enjoying their slice in the market, Volkswagen is keener than ever to have their slice with their new T-Cross compact crossover.

Based on the Volkswagen Polo hatchback, the T-Cross will be Volkswagen’s second crossover model after the T-Roc (picture above) which was based on the Golf hatchback. Both the T-Roc and T-Cross models will be positioned below the Tiguan and Touareg SUVs.

The T-Cross may share similar cues with the 4th-gen Polo

The T-Roc first debuted at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show, one that sported a rather unconventional design of a convertible top and two-door setup. The T-Cross will share similar design attributes, ranging from the full-width grille, side window graphic and distinctive wheel arches. Volkswagen’s wide range of engines and powertrain means that the T-Cross can be powered either by a TSI, TDI or even electrically powered.

The whole idea of a Polo with higher ground clearance and bigger wheels brings to mind the Cross Polo model, but a quick check on several Volkswagen websites revealed that the Cross Polo is now no longer being offered. This is where the T-Cross comes into the picture; it succeeds the long-serving and sadly unpopular Cross Polo model.VW_CrossPolo

The T-Cross concept is set to be unveiled by Volkswagen at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show, and production is planned for 2018.

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