BMW to display the new M2 and M4 Coupes with M Performance parts at SEMA

Every year (for the most part) in the deserts of Nevada or better known to most of us as Las Vegas since 1963, holds a spectacular auto show that brings all the biggest names in the American automotive tuning community. It’s a platform for these guys to showcase everything that’s rad and cool in the custom car industry. And when we say big names, we mean big names such as the likes of Vic Edelbrock Jr, the late Carol Shelby, Chip Foose and Dempsey Wilson; just to name a few. But here’s the catch – it’s not open to the public.

SEMA or Specialty Equipment Market Association is a closed-door event that has been gaining ever more traction since the 60s and to that point, it’s no longer contained to just American brands. It now houses exhibitions from over 6,383 companies worldwide with giants such as BMW taking the stands. Here, over 50,000 buyers will get a chance to see first hand all the performance and aesthetic mods and parts available for a myriad of car types. This time around, BMW decided to put the newly-launched M2 and M4 Coupé M Performance parts on display in Vegas.2015-BMW-M4-M-Performance-SEMA-Las-Vegas-8

The BMW M4 Coupé (not forgetting the water injected M4 GTS) will come fitted with carbon fibre (CFRP) front inserts, M Performance front grille finished in gloss black, side sill attachments with the “M Performance” wording etched in and CFRP wing mirror caps. And let’s not forget about Bimmer’s “go-faster-division” racing strip decals.

At the rear end, a motorsport-derived BMW M Performance CFRP diffuser and a newly designed M Performance through-flow rear spoiler that’s – yep you guessed it – made of carbon fibre which further accentuates the butch rear section of the M4 Coupé. Aside from enhancing the looks, these parts work in tandem with the car’s airflow response, so they ensure an optimised aerodynamic performance for those with an ambitious driving style.2015-BMW-M4-M-Performance-SEMA-Las-Vegas-9

Now what’s an M4 without some additional substance under the hood, right? Some new hardwares include a lightweight stainless steel exhaust system with a rear silencer made entirely of titanium inscribed with the “M Performance” lettering and a CFRP tailpipe to square off the look. Sadly, BMW hasn’t brought out any performance mods for the 431 hp straight-sixer living under the hood.

Being an M Bimmer, the interior is nothing short of racey and that’s the case here in the M4. Having said that, there aren’t too many mods for it aside from a few trim upgrades such as the clear-finish carbon fibre steering wheel with a blue centre-position marker atop it. Meanwhile, below the driver’s feet, the pedals are fitted with stainless steel ‘M Performance’ pedal covers.2015-BMW-M2-M-Performance-SEMA-Las-Vegas-2

The Munich giant really pulled out all the stops for the M4 at SEMA, and at this juncture it’s only fair to move over to it’s newly-launched baby brother – the M2. Pretty much all the mods available for the M4 is available for the M2 with subtle differences differentiating the duo. Should you be the lucky owner of either of these ultimate driving machines and are keen on getting hold of these exotic mods but aren’t anywhere close to Las Vegas, fret not for these upgrades will be made available from the BMW dealer network by June 2016, but if you could get a hold of it any sooner, we’d reckon that be the ultimate ‘haul of fame‘.





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