Aston Martin RapidE Concept is an all-electric four seater luxury sports car

The Gaydon-based motor company is known for making many things of allure over the past few decades since its existence, and they have built – by hand, no less, bespoke Grand Tourers for the Prince of Wales, Sean Connery, David Beckham, Steven Spielberg, premiership footballer Wayne Rooney and sadly Denise Richards – but let’s not get bogged down with Aston’s celebrity owners.

Have you ever noticed that the badging you’d normally find on ‘green’ cars tend to be blue? It’s something I find somewhat bemusing, but no matter. Aston Martin seems to have ‘gone with the flow’ here. If you notice the badge on any other Aston, the bit in the middle is green – a throwback to the old national racing colours of yesteryear, but the badge that appears on the Aston RapidE concept is blue. And that is the only subtle indication of the car’s standout factor that sets it apart from other Astons.2015-Aston-Martin-RapidE-EV-Concept-11

The marque took the opportunity to unveil the car not infront of a clamouring audience of journalists but rather at the venue for a meeting between Their Royal Highnesses – Prince William and Catherine, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as well as President of The People’s Republic of China, Xi Jinping in London.

During the Lancaster House event, Aston Martin and Chinese investment group, ChinaEquity, announced an agreement to explore the development of a production version of the RapidE concept. If successful, the new luxury sports car would be constructed at Aston Martin’s global HQ in Gaydon, Warwickshire, and could be brought to market in around two years.2015-Aston-Martin-RapidE-EV-Concept-5

Exciting times lie ahead for sure. We’ve touched on the subject of ‘moving-with-the-times’ previously and to ardent die-hard petrol heads such as this writer, it is heartwarming to see that, even though the days of great big V12s are numbered, and even when we are forced to drive around in ‘quiet-as-church-mice’ electric cars, they would still look as brilliant as the gleaming example we see before us. I believe famed fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent once said fashions fade, style is eternal.

At this juncture, Aston hasn’t divulged a whole bunch of details on this concept car, as is the case with most prototypes and concepts. But a picture says a thousand words and should you browse through the gallery below, you’re sure to find the words ‘Williams Advanced Engineering‘ plastered on the side of this four-seater Aston. The Williams in question here may seem familiar to you, that’s because they are racing in Formula One and as always, the pinnacle of motorsports is the catalytic advent of innovation and technical advancement. More details of the RapidE concept will surface soon.



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