BMW M4 GTS Concept revealed at Pebble Beach, features water injection tech!

Many moons have come and gone since the motoring legend hailing from Munich took the wraps off the new BMW M4. And such is the rich heritage of building track-prepped versions of its outgoing Motorsport-inspired 3-Series. Since BMW has segregated the range, the BMW M3 coupe will from now on be known as the M4, though the one you see here is the most extreme iteration of it yet – the M4 GTS Concept.

BMW has a interesting habit of building its conceptual track monsters. This time around, the boffins from Bimmer’s “Go Faster” division have come up with the GTS which is based on the outgoing F82 BMW M4. Aside from the bonkers paint schemes, lurking under the engine is something altogether astonishing.2015-BMW-Concept-M4-GTS-05

It is widely accepted and agreed upon that water has no place in the combustion chamber, but Bimmer disagrees – naturally. They’ve come up with an innovation that seems to defy conventional understanding. But hey, isn’t that the point of science and innovation?

This concept was first introduced on a test subject in the form of the 2015 BMW M4 MotoGP Safety Car. The M Division kitted the M4’s 431 hp inline-six lump with a water injection system. Water injection makes it possible to raise the upper performance limits, which have otherwise been thermally restricted. Putting power figures aside, it optimises efficiency with benefits in full-load consumption and exhaust emissions. Hurrah!2015-BMW-Concept-M4-GTS-13

Before you call out Witchcraft, water injection works on the principal of extracting heat by spraying a very fine mist into the intake manifolds plenum. When the water vaporises, the intake air cools significantly. As a result, the final compression temperature in the combustion chamber reduces, enabling the turbocharged engine to use higher boost numbers and an earlier injection timing.

The beauty of this technology ensures an increase in power and torque, whilst reducing the thermal stress on performance components. This water injection system also enhances the stability and durability of the engine, therefore allowing the M4 GTS Concept to bring technology directly from the race track to the road. Brilliant.2015-BMW-Concept-M4-GTS-08

That’s enough talk on water injection and time to take a step back and appreciate the curves and lines of this fine specimen. The concept car is finished in Frozen Dark Grey Metallic with accents of Acid Orange splashed over the wheels and front splitter. Speaking of wheels, the Concept GTS sits on 265/35 R19 at the front and 285/30 R20 Michelin Sport Cup 2 at the rear.

As the name and heritage suggest, the GTS moniker is synonymous with power but also an adherance to being lightweight. Generous lashings of carbon composites are used extensively to lower the curb weight and centre of gravity, making it a proper track muncher. Aside from that, the car remains unchanged, aesthetically speaking apart from the OLED tail lamps.2015-BMW-Concept-M4-GTS-09

The Concept M4 GTS was unveiled at the revered Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance in California last weekend where it stunned all who gazed at its presence. The M4 GTS Concept will make it to production soon, so more on that to come.



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