We gave Uber riders a big surprise arriving in a McLaren MP4-12C [+Video]

In a fit of sheer boredom, the big boys in our office wanted a little break from the daily grind and to have some casual fun. So we got hold of a McLaren MP4-12C, registered it on Uber as a Perodua Myvi and went around town. We’re sure you can guess what happens next.

Amidst all the shady hoohah surrounding Uber in recent times, our team at AutoBuzz.my took it as an opportunity to drop a bomb of a surprise to some very, very lucky Uber riders who expected no more than a Perodua Myvi as their ride.AutoBuzz-Uber-1

Little did they know, their typical UberX fare (Uber’s most affordable pick) arrived in the guise of a roaring twin-turbo V8 McLaren MP4-12C piloted by our very own Chief Editor, the ever-enthusiastic GC Mah.2015-uber-mclaren-1

Now, some of you may think we’re pulling yet another supercar prank – a trending genre that most of us are familiar with, but that’s not nearly the case here. It’s a simple, straightforward collaboration with Uber Malaysia to show the international transportation network company our support. Uber is now the most valuable startup in the world, surpassing the USD50 billion mark in just five years – a feat which Facebook took 7 years to achieve.

To pull off a surprise this scale, we literally registered a McLaren MP4-12C before disguising it as a Perodua Myvi with Uber and had GC’s Driver Profile setup by the company, all before assuming chauffeur duties with #BruiseWayne, the affectionately named 12C.

Was it worth it? You bet – every bit of the trouble was. Meanwhile, we shall leave the good bits for you guys to savour. While you’re at it, be sure to watch the video till the end for the RM50 Uber promo code!

We’d like to extend our special thanks to Uber Malaysia, White Noise Studios, the production team, video editor Colin Lim and #princessterter for loaning us #BruiseWayne.



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