Volkswagen Malaysia and Persatuan Pengasuh Berdaftar Malaysia (PPBM) took the first step in organising and carrying out a child passenger safety campaign for VW’s staff and media in a bid to roll out the training module throughout the nation. It will take place across 280 childcare centres nationwide with the foremost goal of helping to reduce child related road fatalities.

Now, we have all been inundated with public service announcements and directives to make sure that occupants at the back are buckled up. This affect truly does go out to the younger audiences that are not even old enough to drive and worse, badly injured or killed in the over 400,000 recorded accidents back in 2012 alone.

However, it is estimated in 2011 that children make up the first and the second leading groups of casualties recorded with those aged from 1–4 years old at 43.8 percent and 5–9 years old at 30.2 percent respectively – the total statistic as gathered by MIROS. VW has launched this campaign in the effort of educating, training and inspiring the various communities as an agent of change.

Through this exerted effort, the personnel from PPBM’s network will be conducting training in the hopes of reaching as many as 28,000 parents. Aside from that, VW Malaysia will also be donating 200 Volkswagen child safety seats and 10,000 copies of the A to Z of road safety flash cards to PPBM in the cause of helping educate parents.

With that in mind, always wear your seatbelts, guys.