Longtime aspiring Mazda owners may find this a tad too irresistible, because Bermaz Motor Sdn Bhd, the sole distributor of Mazda cars has just announced their brand new and nation’s first Pre-owned Car Centre.


The Mazda “Anshin” Pre-owned Car Centre offers greater affordability without compromising the quality and reliability of the cars, hence the word Anshin, which means “peace of mind” in Japanese.


Customers who are looking to buy any of the pre-owned vehicles can also benefit from Mazda’s Free Warranty and Maintenance Programme. Also keep in mind that these cars have undergone strict scheduled maintenance and its parts were thoroughly checked before they’re put on sale.

Mazda Preown Centre Map

The pre-owned car centre is located some good two kilometers away from Mazda’s headquarters in Glenmarie. Anyone care for a quick zoom-zoom visit?



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