It is as predicted, that the fuel price for the month of February will see a considerable plunge following the continual downtrend in global crude oil prices.

Petrol Fuel February 2015 (5)
The price for RON95 in January

Effective beginning 12:00am on 1 February till 28 February 2015, the price for RON95 will drop by 21 sen to RM1.70. Diesel is also priced at RM1.70 after dropping 23 sen, while RON97 dipped the least at 11 sen to RM2.00 per litre.

Petrol Fuel February 2015 (4)
Several petrol stations are facing shortages with their RON97 supplies due to a surge in popularity

Since the removal of our fuel subsidy in November last year, fuel prices have dropped from RM2.30 for RON95 in October last year, to RM1.91 in January and now further down to the current RM1.70 per litre mark – a full 60 sen less compared to October last year.

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